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Nano CBD Patch

Easy, accurate, and effective, the Nano CBD Patch takes the guess work out of releaving, occasional aches and pains.

  • Nanotechnology

    Nano CBD for superior
    bio-availability, ensuring faster action & best results.

  • Time Release Formula

    Steady delivery of
    CBD for 72 hours, ensuring all day and overnight relief.

  • Targeted Delivery

    Allows for 100% CBD absorption straight into where it's needed the most.

  • Hydrogel Adhesive

    Non-irritating, reusable adhesive that is water and sweat proof.

  • No Prescription
  • No Opioids
  • No GMOs

Patch Up & Play On

Nano CBD Patch Benefits

Nano CBD Patch
Helps Relieve

  • No Prescription
  • No Opioids
  • No GMOs

Built By Nature.
Proven By Science

How Nano CBD
Patch Works


Nano CBD Patch applies CBD directly into our skin cells’ cannabinoids. Because our cells are made of lipids, and cannabinoids are also lipids, CBD readily diffuses through our cells, making its way to where it’s needed most. In other words, they deliver cannabinoids directly to where they will be most effective, which allows the CBD to reach your endocannabinoid system, where it binds with CB1 and CB2 receptors to produce a variety of health and wellness effects.

Simple Reasons To Get Your

Nano CBD Patch Now!

  • Apply:

    Our hydrogel was developed for a tactical Emergency Medical Services to perform under unpredictable and demanding conditions. Hydrogel has a high-water content that is soothing and comfortable on the skin. Hydrogel is also reusable, so you can take the patch on and off without irritation.

  • Direct Delivery:

    Microscopic Nano-CBD is more bioavailable than regular CBD which improves cellular uptake. Your body has an easier time absorbing nutrients when they are broken down into tiny drops.

  • Fast action:

    The product can go to work in under 2 minutes when applied to the skin. Since the compounds are smaller in size, this allows the particles to more easily enter the bloodstream and deliver the CBD more efficiently.

  • No Prescription
  • No Opioids
  • No GMOs

How To Use
Nano CBD Patch

For Use

Step 1

Clean The Pain
Affected Area

Step 2

Apply The
Nano CBD Patch

Step 3

72 Hours of Soothing Relief

  • No Prescription
  • No Opioids
  • No GMOs

The Secret Is
In The All Natural Formula

Nano-CBD Ingredient Matrix

  • CBD Oil

    The CBD extract oils that are the basis of this product are made from the flowers and leaves of the CBD plant, where beneficial phytocannabinoids live.

  • Coconut Oil

    Proven to improve irritations, wrinkles and signs of aging, coconut oil is safe to use externally to
    nourish healthier skin.

  • Canola

  • Soya Bean

  • Sunflower

Who Can Use Nano CBD Patch

Use Anytime and Anywhere!


Beyond being the most effective method of CBD delivery, our Nano CBD Patch offers the most discreet delivery option. With the Nano CBD Patch, you don't have to carry around a bottle of capsules or tincture while finding time and space to dose them throughout the day. Instead, you just wear the patch under your clothes, in the shower, at the gym, wherever, and however long you need. They take the guesswork out of self-dosing and provide amazing benefits with no negative side effects.

  • No Prescription
  • No Opioids
  • No GMOs

The Secret Is
In The All Natural Formula

Nano CBD 
Ingredient Matrix

long term soothing relief

Nano CBD Patch provides faster absorption.
Organic, Gluten and GMP Compliant.

  • No Prescription
  • No Opioids
  • No GMOs

Real Pain Free Experience

What Do Nano CBD Patch Users Say?

All Natural Relief!

With the growing Opiod epidemic, I wanted a safe, more natural approach to help sooth my aches and pains. This patch is perfect!

Anthony D. Verified Buyer

Pleasantly Surprised!

This patch is great! Really works. It sucks that it doesn’t get you high. But I have other stuff for that...

Ryan C. Verified Buyer

Super Convenient.

I love that this patch lasts 72 hrs, I do not need to worry about carrying several with me if I go on a weekend trip!

Victoria A. Verified Buyer

Worth Trying.

I really like the Nano Patch. I've tried a number of patches and these work the best and last the longest. You can take them off and put them back on. That's an added bonus.

Tim R. Verified Buyer

Life Saver!

I got home from the gym and had terrible knee pain, i put a patch on my knee and within a short time i had full range of motion and was able to reuse it the next few days.Highly recommended!

Stephanie M. Verified Buyer


I love the Nano CBD patch because I can wear it in the shower and it still works!

Natalie L. Verified Buyer

Everyday Relief.

These patches from grown science have helped me stay on track with my fitness training with little to no pain.

Jill K. Verified Buyer

All Your Questions About
Nano CBD Patch, Answered

Nano CBD Patch FAQ



Where should I apply the patch?


CBD patches are good for the whole body.

One major misconception about patches is that they are mainly used to treat targeted areas of the body. That can’t be further from the truth.

Ideally, you want to place it on a venous area of the body that is free of hair, irritation, burns or open wounds.

Some places on the body absorb better and allow more of the product to flow into the body faster and at higher levels than others. The lower back area is way more effective than it would be if you placed the patch on top of your foot, even if you are experiencing foot pain. While the foot has a lot of little veins, the area on the lower back is much more absorbant. Even if you’re not currently experiencing pain in your low back, applying the patch to this area allows the product to flow to the desired area.


How often do I need to wear the patch?


With a CBD patch, you don’t need to worry about dosing schedules.

Another benefit of CBD patches is that it provides a steady dose of CBD. For those people who have a hard time remembering to take their vitamins or struggle swallowing pills or oils then a CBD patch is a very easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. You can stick the patch on and forget about it.

The patch lasts a long time. The patch releases slowly and allows your body to get a continuous stream of CBD. This is beneficial because it doesn’t spike a quick uptake of CBD. Instead, it provides gradual relief.


How long does it last?


The CBD patch lasts up to 72 hours.

The patch lasts a long time. The patch releases slowly and allows your body to get a continuous stream of CBD. This is beneficial because it doesn’t spike a quick uptake of CBD. Instead, it provides gradual relief.


Can I get the patch wet?


The CBD patch can get wet. You can bathe, shower or even swim at the pool or the beach and it won’t cause any problems with your patch. Just put your patch on and go about your day.

The patch is perfect to use when you’re about to do something physically exerting.

Other CBD products can offer higher levels of CBD at one time. A few drops of CBD oil can bring you really fast relief when you’re suffering from feelings of anxiousness and aches and pains. And then you’ll want to continue to take more drops throughout the day to keep feeling good. However with patches you simply place it once a day. At the end of the period simply remove the patch and discard. It is always good to clean the area thoroughly before and after using the patch.


  • No Prescription
  • No Opioids
  • No GMOs